Anabolics and Training

Anabolics and Training

Anabolics and Training

Anabolics play an effective role in enhancing and increasing the performance of the athletes and other sports persons both men and women. However, the main reason to worry is the occurrence of many kinds of side effects related to the health of all people who use anabolic steroids for their increased and enhanced performance. Anabolic steroids have plenty of effects on the organ systems and plenty of side effects on the body of the person. Generally, the Anabolics, which is orally administered, can have more adverse effects than the ones that are being parenterally administered. These steroids have positive effects as well but normally their negative ones are more dangerous and care should be taken while taking them to avoid or reduce the negative effects of them.

Side Effects of Anabolics on Liver

Anabolics can really cause many adverse effects on the liver of a person. However, when you compare the parenterally administered anabolics to orally administered anabolics, the parenterally administered anabolics have less adverse effects on the liver of a person. The anabolics that have fewer adverse effects on the liver are testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. Studies are being done to know about the adverse effects of anabolics on the liver and normally the patients admitted in the hospitals are being noticed for finding the reasons behind the adverse effects on the liver.

When the results of studies done on athletes who use anabolics are obtained, they show plasma activity in the liver. In some of the cases, the patient enzymes increased while in other no substantial change has been found. However, the positive thing is that the increased values came to normal in a few weeks. The persons with liver problems are at risk as the liver transplant success rate is very low.
Some products like Liv52 and Essential forte or other, which contains linolenic acid, support a liver.

Side Effects of Anabolics on Male and Female Reproductive Systems

If anabolics are used for a long time or high dose is taken, then it can lead to decreased serum concentration of testosterone and many other complications as well. There is a very well-known side effect in males, which is the formation of breast abnormalities. This disease is called gynecomastia, which causes because estrogen increases in the body of the male, which is purely the female sex hormone. This disease is generally not reversible as is often seen in many cases. To avoid gynecomastia if you are sensitive, antiestrogen like Clomifene Citrate and/or Proviron or Tamoxifene should be added to the cycle to keep the estrogen under control. You can choose even better solution like aromatase inhibitor Arimidex (anastrozole), which is a more effective for estrogen control but it is also much more expensive. Male sexual desire is also affected by the use of anabolics. During their use, the frequency of erectile dysfunction has increased a lot. It is evitable that sexual desire increases during the use of anabolics so there is every chance that a person gets involved in any kind of assault.

Anabolics also have adverse effects on females and their reproductive systems. Testosterone is produced in female bodies in fewer amounts as compared to males. Females can develop the clitoris hypertrophy and the increase sexual desire during the use of anabolic steroids. When pregnant women use anabolic steroids, it may cause retardation in the fetus of that woman. However, the side effects severity is dependent on the dosage and the duration during for which the female has taken anabolic steroids. Some adverse effects are generally irreversible like decreased size of the breast, hypertrophy of the clitoris. Unnatural hair growth and the deepening of the voice like males.


There are various kinds of trainings, which you can practice. If you practice these useful trainings, you can minimize the adverse effects of the anabolics in many ways.

Diet Training

When talking about anabolic diet training, you must have in mind that it allows only a few grams of carbohydrates a day to body fat reduction whereas the need is to have a higher number of grams of carbohydrates for the typical adult healthy person. The main idea behind this purpose is to lose the fat of the body without having any effect on the muscle mass and that is the thing, which body builders and weight lifters normally like to do. However, they must take a balanced diet to avoid any kind of adverse effects on their body and to minimize them at least. The main purpose of diet training is to change the fuel source for the body and use all the energy from the fat instead of burning lots of energy from the carbohydrates. The recommended foods that you can use in your diet training include the fish, chicken, cheese, vegetables and a few others. These diets must be taken during the days of high proteins and fats. The persons using this strategy should eat small meals many times a day and must consume their body weight in calories to a high amount.

For cutting, muscle hardness and density can be greatly improved when combining Boldenone Undeclylenat with a non-aromatizable steroid such as trenbolone acetate(Trenbol 100)or methenolone enanthate(Primobolan Depot,Primobol). Long esters Testosterones(Testosteron Depo)are used in diet anabolic steroid cycles with Human Growth Hormone like Norditropin or Genotropin.

Training for Strength

The person who wants to get through the adverse effects of anabolics must focus on building muscle, but at the same time, fats must be reduced or lose. Some exercises like multiple joint exercises must be done to simulate the hormones and muscle mass related to the anabolics. Best time for strength training is afternoon or early in the morning because of these times body will burn fat more than at the other times. The basic thing that must be kept in mind is that at each point you do strength training, you must make it hard, heavy and it must make all your body work perfectly to reduce the bad effects.
For quality and strength you can add 25 mg + Oxandrolone/day with Deca-Durabolin or Boldenone Undeclylenat.

Training of Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular training has its importance in the same way as the importance of the strength and diet training. Normally, cardiovascular training is advisable for few days normally for a week in which long cardio walk is included for almost an hour. You can do the treadmill or outdoor trainings on the non-strength days, and on high intensity days, you must keep your routine. However, it is important to practice high intensity intervals to get more out of your training, especially the cardiovascular one. These trainings can really keep you away from the hazardous and adverse effects of anabolics in many ways.