Shipping & Returns


How much the shipping cost?

» Shipping cost is a flat fee of €12.00 for all orders no matter your location.

How long take to receive my order?

» Shipping time depend on various factors (postal service efficiency,, international transit etc ), but since we are shipping within EU and we are EU service, delivery time is usually 2-5 working days and there are no customs responsibilities .

How my products are packed and shipped ?

» We wrap the amps or the vials in highly absorbent paper towels: that protect the ampules from shocks. If the vials broke then the towels will absorb the liquid and the package will not leak. Usually we put those paper towels inside a bubble-wrapped pouches. After that we put the content in plain brown boxes looking that the weight to be no more that 4 pounds. If the weight is more than that we will split the order in several boxes with no additional costs (after all that means a larger order...). We also accept custom packaging requests (whatever you consider useful in order to ensure your package arrival).

There is a signature required when my package is delivered?

» Our shipments (regular mail) are not treated as recorded/registered shipments and therefore they don't require any signature upon delivery.

Where do you ship from? How about returns?

» Please note that we use different shipping locations in order to avoid customs flags. We mostly ship from Europe and Thailand. We post several different return addresses (mostly middle or large PO-Boxes - *a must in order to receive the possible returned packages).

What about delays?

» There are few occasions when delivery is delayed due to Postal Services procedures. However in those occasions delivery might take a little longer, up to about a month.

Do you ship to PO-Boxes?

» Yes. We ship to no only to PO-Boxes but also to PMB (private mail boxes) or any remote address you choose. Just make sure that your PO-Box or PMB can accept envelopes or flatten package up to (LxHxD) 10x8x5 inches.

Do I need a prescription to order?

» No, you don't. We can (for an additinal fee) offer you a licensed pharmacist prescription but that it will be not valid for you due to different locations and jurisdictions of issuing.

What are your success delivery rate?

» We have 99% success delivery rate

What happens if my package get sized?

» If your package(s) get seized (only 1-2% of orders get sized) we will cover your losses and we will resend the order to another address of your choice (free of charge) or we will refund you (except the money tansfer fee) only if you can show us a valid customs seizing letter as proof. Unfortunally we had experienced few scam attempts so please read carefully: we require a .jpg scan copy or your seizing letter with high quality settings (72dpi or more). No more fax quality scans!

Once again , shipments within EU are custom free so delivery is guaranteed. We are focused on Europe market, we are shipping from EU . We can not ship to Australia and United States.

Please note that if you fail to send us a copy of that seizure letter, there will be no reshipment and/or no refund! If your order does not arrive in 30 days most probably it means that is seized by customs and you should expect a seizure note (that can take from few days to 1 month due to their system bureaucracy).

How can I contact you?

» Use our online contact form or live support .